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The Children's Foundation in proud support of
Casa Hogar Los Angelitos
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Rocky Mountain Christian Church Mission Trip November 11th - 18th

Rocky Mountain Christian Church recently embarked on their Mission Trip to Casa Hogar. While there, they did many great things!
"Rocky Mountain Christian Church spent a busy week working and playing with the children. A portable stage, 16 feet by 20 feet in ten sections, was completed. This stage will be used for the open house and we will be able to rent it out to others in the area. The group also continued the on-going project of painting. The medical supplies that have been donated over the past months were sorted and those items that our physician could not use were given to the local Red Cross and the Social Security Hospital. Items that will be sent to the sponsors were completed by the children with the help of the volunteers. Two mornings were spent at local out reaches where food, clothing, and medical attention were given. What a productive and rewarding week. Thank you RMCC! " --Steve and Diana Stout
They also cleaned and set up the new kitchen from West Liberty Rotary. It looks great!
Here are the photos of the shiny new kitchen!

Thanks a million Rocky Mountain Christian Church
Thanks AGAIN to the West Liberty Rotary.
Let's Eat!

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

These children in the picture with
Dr. Guiber were in a parade downtown!

Pilar and little Rut

This little dancer is Flora

The big boys went for a swim.
Andres, Artemio, Alberto & Omar
Good buddies, hanging out. Aren't they cute?
This is Yolanda. She is 9 years old.
She will be staying at CHLA while her grandmother has surgery.

With Yolanda, there are now 36 full time children at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos.

We are expecting another boy to arrive next week.



New faces at Casa Hogar

This beautiful young lady is Yaritza. She is 13 years old.
She is most likely just temporarily at CHLA.



This is Emigdia. She is 9 years old.
She was placed at CHLA for safe haven while
her family situation is evaluated by local authorities.
Look at that smile!

This is Ricardo. He is staying at CHLA because
his grandfather can no longer care for him.
What a sweet face!

News! News! News!

First the old News, but GREAT news!

On June 12, 2006 the final approval was granted by the Mexican government to bring a 30 passenger school bus across the border. The bus was donated by the West Liberty Iowa Rotary. They gave the bus (THANK YOU!!!) more than 2 1/2 years ago but due to problems with paperwork, it was not allowed to come to Mexico until this past June. Steve Stout drove the bus to the boarder (now we need a picture of that, don't we?) and Lida and her huband, representatives of the Casa Hogar, met him at the border and the bus was given over to the Casa Hogar. A long wait but worth it! THANK YOU WEST LIBERTY ROTARY!!!! And a big Thank You to bus-driver Steve and Lida and her husband! What a trip that must have been! Hopefully someone will send a picture so we can post the new bus on our blog!! (Hint! Hint!)

Construction is almost complete on the remodeling of the kitchen. For the past several years the nutritional needs have been difficult to meet in a small and nonfunctional kitchen. With money from private donations and a Rotary International Matching Grant with West Liberty Iowa the equipment was purchased. We now have a totally stainless steel kitchen (a complete blessing in that climate!) and appliances, along with a walk-in cooler and a serving table. Awesome work.... and to all who helped with this project, THANK YOU!


October 29th, 2006 won't soon be forgotten by the children of the Casa Hogar Los Angelitos. They were treated by the United States Navy with Marines and Sailors visiting their home! The troops not only began the remodeling of the infants' room but found time for football and board games with the children. Following the work day, the children boarded their school bus and headed out for a private tour of the USS Cleveland. What a treat it was for them and the staff of CHLA! The captain spent some time with them as well and told them another ship would be coming in a few weeks and they will all be treated to another visit by the Navy! (The ships are coming to Manzanillo, Mexico because the Mexican Navy is interested in purchasing some of the vessels from the U.S.)

Thank you U.S. Navy and Marines!!!

The whole 'crew.'

A little demolition, anyone?

Aboard the USS Cleveland
Check out that hat and shades!

Is this what they refer to as "the mess?

Future News! Mark your calendars!!!


The 1st Annual Golf Tournament for the Casa Hogar will be held Friday, February 2, 2007 at the Santiago Golf Course. Cost will be 500 pesos per person and this includes dinner at the Casa Hogar Open House on Satruday night! Some great golf and prizes are in store for those who participate. A new car will be given away for a hole in one on #9!! Pat and Nacy Martin are in charge of this event and the Casa Hogar thanks them for all of their hard work. They can be contacted in Manzanillo at 335-0402.

The Annual Open House at the Casa Hogar will be held Saturday, February 3, 2007. The children are already anxiously preparing for this event! You will be treated to great food and entertainment. A new and improved silent auction will be chaired by Joyce Murphy (335-0831) and she is seeking your help for donation of items for the auction. Find that special treasure in your area and share it with the auction committee. There will be a limited number of tickets so be sure and get yours early! Doug Poole (335-0263) is in charge of ticket sales.