Something to share with you from March of 2008

Casa Hogar los Angelitos A.C
Ministerios de Amor.

Our founder went with our young kids to a “violin orchestra in Manzanillo, Colima.” Rodrigo, Andres, Artemio, Brenda, Azaarel, Maria, and Ms. Nancy Nystrom. A day of learning and a lot of fun!

The magic in the different music workshops that we provide to our kids has helped them to have great advances in their lives.

Flor and her sister Lupita love art and drawing. They wish to share them with you. Look how beautiful she draws!

Do you know who I am?

I am Jesus “Chuy” and I have something to tell you. Guess what? A tooth of mine fell and at night I put it beneath my pillow and the mouse gave me as a present 10.00 pesos.

In March we receive a group of volunteers and we share with them various histories.

The immigrant kids from Guerrero continue in Manzanillo and the kids from the Casa Hogar visits them frequently, and give them food.