See the wonderful pictures from the Open House

Welcome to the Party!!!

Thanks so much Greg, for sharing your wonderful photos.

To see the entire amazing slide show,

Click on the link below: then click the "view slideshow" button

Pictures - Set 1

For the second half, click on the following link: then click the "view slideshow" button

Pictures set 2

Here is a taste of what you'll see!!!



Speeches, Thank Yous, and Honors!

And the gorgeous, happy, proud children of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos!

It looks like the evening was indeed SPECTACULAR!!!


A Spectacular Success.

I just got word today from Nancy
that last night's Open House event

at CHLA was, in a word:


A big Thank You to all who voluteered,
worked hard and attended the event.

I hope to have pictures and more information soon.