Mexican Migrant Workers IN Mexico

A new program at Casa Hogar

......giving back to the community.

Yes, Mexico has it's own migrant workers, who come from destitution and work in the hot sun with their entire families...living in plastic bag houses, sleeping on carboard...eating only tortillas for lunch and dinner.....unable to speak the official language...Spanish...speaking only an indigenous dialect...Mezteca....unable to read and write. Here are some of the photos...tonight we began a program bringing some of these children...about 25, plus adults to the Casa Hogar...setting up an area to give them classes after they finish working in the hot fields... from 5-7 and then feeding them at the Casa Hogar...we will begin with teaching them to read...speak and write...Spanish. They will be here for four months...so, I don't know how much we will accomplish...but, we will do something.


See VIDEO of these horrible living conditions on Manzanillo T.V.

And as you can see from the pictures, the need is great.
If you are interested in contributing to this project,
please contact us here.

The children of CHLA bring fresh water.

And fresh hope.


Manzanillo TV

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