Thank you Life Springs Church!!

Look at all the wonderful things
that this church group has been
doing at CHLA!

Check out their blog: Here.

Also read the wonderful letter from yesterday's post by Pastor Jeff. Here.

Thank you!


Thank you!


Baile Folklorico

Some of the kids at CHLA have been taking Folkloric Dance lessons. This is a very traditional and historical form of dance in Mexico. It is also contemporary and very popular. They recently performed at a wedding in Manzanillo and they were brilliant!

Algunos de los jovenes en CHLA aprenden el Baile Folklorico. Este estilo es una forma de balie muy tradicional y historical en Mexico. Tambien es conemporaneo y muy popular. Ellos recientemente funcionaron para una boda en Manzanillo y eran brillantes!


Mexican Migrant Workers IN Mexico

A new program at Casa Hogar

......giving back to the community.

Yes, Mexico has it's own migrant workers, who come from destitution and work in the hot sun with their entire families...living in plastic bag houses, sleeping on carboard...eating only tortillas for lunch and dinner.....unable to speak the official language...Spanish...speaking only an indigenous dialect...Mezteca....unable to read and write. Here are some of the photos...tonight we began a program bringing some of these children...about 25, plus adults to the Casa Hogar...setting up an area to give them classes after they finish working in the hot fields... from 5-7 and then feeding them at the Casa Hogar...we will begin with teaching them to read...speak and write...Spanish. They will be here for four months...so, I don't know how much we will accomplish...but, we will do something.


See VIDEO of these horrible living conditions on Manzanillo T.V.

And as you can see from the pictures, the need is great.
If you are interested in contributing to this project,
please contact us here.

The children of CHLA bring fresh water.

And fresh hope.


Manzanillo TV

See the initial interview about the Open House.

Interview with Nancy Nystrom and Dr. Guiber Nunez about the Guerro project.

Heart-warming interview with some of the children of Casa Hogar.


See the wonderful pictures from the Open House

Welcome to the Party!!!

Thanks so much Greg, for sharing your wonderful photos.

To see the entire amazing slide show,

Click on the link below: then click the "view slideshow" button

Pictures - Set 1

For the second half, click on the following link: then click the "view slideshow" button

Pictures set 2

Here is a taste of what you'll see!!!



Speeches, Thank Yous, and Honors!

And the gorgeous, happy, proud children of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos!

It looks like the evening was indeed SPECTACULAR!!!


A Spectacular Success.

I just got word today from Nancy
that last night's Open House event

at CHLA was, in a word:


A big Thank You to all who voluteered,
worked hard and attended the event.

I hope to have pictures and more information soon.


National Christian Youth Conference in Mexico City

Rodrigo and Anabel got to participate in the National Christian Youth Conference in Mexico City with some of their friends from their church youth group!

Looks like a lot of fun!


Feliz Cumpleanos//Happy Birthday

Feliz Cumpleanos
Felices, muy felices
Happy, Very Happy
Los ninos de la Casa Hogar han estado de fiesta, en fiesta. El 18 de Diciembre hemos celebrado el cumpleanos de una de nuestra mas pequena y adorable ninas.
Ruth Facio, en sus dos anos de edad.
The children of the Casa Hogar have been going from party to party. On December 18th we celebrated the birthday of our adorable youngest girl, Ruth Facio, she turned two.
El pastel era delicioso y Ruth deseaba comerlo todo!
The cake was delicious and Ruth wanted to eat it all!!