December Wish List for Casa Hogar

* Underwear, different sizes for boys, girls, adolecents
* Boxer shorts, different adolecent sizes
* White undershirts to wear under school uniforms, different sizes
* White or khaki brown socks.
* Notebooks - lined, double-spaced, art (no lines) & grid papers
* Calculators for grade school kids
* Erasers, pencil sharpeners, posterboard
* Two bunk-beds

If you or anyone you know can help with these items, please contact us at the phone number or email listed below.
Gracias and Feliz Navidad!


A nice note from a new sponsor.

My name is Greg Slevcove I made a visit last Tuesday and I was extremely impressed with the organization. The facility was impressive! The staff was courteous and helpful! Steve was very helpful and informative.

The greatest influence on my impression was seeing the children and their relation to the staff at Casa Hogar. I am also most impressed with the focus on education. I would love to assist a child through the college experience.

When one thinks "orphanage" they think a home for children that are not wanted. That is not Casa Hogar. The children are obviously happy, determined to succeed, and be the best they can be. Their relationship with the staff is thatof a family.

I was very impressed.