Dinner Benefit for Casa Hogar los Angelitos A.C.

It will take place with the purpose of collecting funds for our kids.


Saturday January 24th


Silent Auction....................6:00 pm (18:00)
Diner and Program............7:30 pm (19:30)


Gran Pavilion ( Casino Fair Grounds ) Valle de las Garzas, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Ticket Price:

$ 400 pesos mx.

$ 40 USD

For further information please call: 314-33-408-78

or call Mia Moreno: 33-477- 05

www. casahogarlosangelitos.com

¨Changing the life of a child, one child at a time. ¨

Virginia Olson Invited our kids to participate in the opening program of Playa Grande Condominiums. It was a marvelous presentation of the kids of Casa Hogar los Angelitos in company of the kids of Casa de la Cultura.

The Campo Verde College arranged an appointment to make a Posada (fellowship reunion) with the boys and girls at the casa hogar. Previously the high school teenagers have helped us in a generous manner; they voluntarily donated their valuable time as a support to our installations; consequently they experienced a great deal of time with the kids.

Everybody had fun with the competitive games, piƱatas and candy; they rejoiced greatly with the games played by the high school students of Campo Verde.

Sponsorship Posada
The teenagers danced and presented for the sponsors. To the kids Dancing is a way of expressing their gratitude. The sponsors were pleased and enjoyed the presentation they adapted well to our program.

Jorge, Andres & Francisco as well as all the children are thankful for all the support they receive from their sponsors, and they take their time to present a dance known as ¨Las Comaltecas¨.

Laura y Juan Pablo presented a dance known as Jarabe Tapatio. Both kids are intelligent, affable, and they offer to help in what ever is necessary.

Laura y Juan Pablo presented a dance known as Jarabe Tapatio.
Both kids are intelligent, afable, and they offer to help in what ever is necesary.

Good bye Old year, Welcome New year 2009 !!!!

To say good bye to the old year the staff participated in a drama. Both the staff and the children reflected on what the old year left and proposed goals and objectives for the new year 2009.

For the Goodbye party of the old year the menu was pork meat and deep fried meat. The Lunch preparation was a lot of work, the teenagers helped put it together. The teenagers demonstrated great teamwork abilities.

Raul Lepe in support of Luis Hernandez, Roberto Lara and the teenagers helped deep fry the meat.
What a nice way to say good bye to the old year and receive the new year; with a father and son fellowhip.

Alejandra, Brenda and Rodrigo eat their lunch after serving everyone else first.
They did a great job at distributing food to all the younger kids.

Happy Birth Date to :
Isabel, (Social Worker Assistant), Artemio, Andres, Beto, Rut & Francisco
We took advantage of good bye year party to sing Happy Birthday to our birthday kids of the month of January. The majority of the kids were satisfied with lunch that they did not eat cake.

The Teenagers show off their gifts.

Our princess enjoyed their Babies, dolls, and we can´t forget their fashion glasses.


Gift´s of Love ...Diciembre 2008

One of the programs at Casa Hogar los Angelitos is “Gifts of Love” or “Regalo de Amor”. This program began in 2006 with the objective of allowing individuals to give a monetary donation making it possible for each child to be given a special gift at Christmas. We begin promoting this program three months in advance, and anyone can make a specific donation for this purpose.

On Christmas Eve the children of Casa Hogar los Angelitos receive their gifts and enjoy a full day of festivities. Parents of the children are invited to the casa, and they each bring one thing to contribute to the buffet dinner. The children so look forward to the traditional Mexican foods like tamales, atole, Christmas salad, and a Christmas pie called jericaya! For entertainment they play different types of games and enjoy candy from pinata’s, but the most exciting moment is when the time comes to open the presents. They gather around the Christmas tree that is decorated with their homemade ornaments, and every child wants to be the first to receive their gift! They often include a gift of necessity like shoes or clothing, but also a fun gift they desire as well. Before the youngest children at the casa are put to bed that evening they bring baby Jesus and lay him down under the tree to sleep with the angels. It is a sweet, special gesture much like the gesture of those who give to this program, and to our little angels.

Our annual Christmas celebration with friends and family is a cherished tradition for all who are present, and we thank you for caring about our children. We ask that you pray for these children and the many thousands of other children who live each day in desperate and dangerous situations.