Remember September


On August 18th the kids began their 2008-2009 school year.


They study on a daily basis with teacher Garcia Cardenas.
The stars are to motivate them; each one that completes their homework receives a sticker on the star.
The purpose is to receive a prize at the end of the month for who ever collects the most stickers.

Yareli is working on her homework while the teacher Garcia Cardenas helps out her partner Laura.

(Right) What is she thinking about?
Maybe, she is verifying if her sums and subtractions are correct?

(left) While the middle age study, the kids play.
How fun!!!

02 SEP.


Lorena is approximately 4 months, she was brought into Casa Hogar los Angelitos on September 2nd.
She receives lots of attention and affection from the kids as well as, from staff.
Help out with her growth by providing milk for lactating baby 0-6 months old, and lots and lots of diapers 14- 24 lbs.

16 SEP.

Happy Mexican Indipendence!!!!!!

The teenagers practice and showed a strong effort in practice, in order to present Folkloric and Jalisco dace professionally in Manzanillo Centro. Unfortunately the event was canceled due to the rain.