Love Ministries

Our team is out, the truck is loaded and ready to go to the immigrant camp.

The donations we received are shared with them. They come from WallMart; such as, bread, vegetables, fruit, and clothing. Shoes and clothing were donated by the community.

Thank you for your generous donations!!!!

Every 15 days Casa Hogar Los Angelitos makes donations to natives from Guerrero. The donation is made up of edibles; such as, bread, fruit, vegetables and water. As well as, clothing, shoes and blankets.

(right) Margarita, daughter of immigrant parents, is happy in her innocence. She doesn’t worry of what she will dress or what she will eat, and if her buddies will approve of her dress apparel
She is happy to receive a pair of sandals and a set of clothing specially; she gives a spectacular smile when she receives a green dress with flowers.

(above) Roberto is distributing a pair of Jeans to Alejandro; who gladly accepts them.
Alejandro is the only child who understands and speaks spanish with little difficulty. The other children seem to understand, but don't speak spanish.

Alberto (center), one of the kids of CHLA, has gone a few times to help out with the donation drop off.
We are glad that he is willing to help out, and that he has the opportunity to live this experience.
It helps him value life as it is, and helps him recognize the world from a different persfective.

Migrant families gather together on the ground to eat.
They are nomadic people, and when they are in Manzanillo, we extend our hands and aid them in ways that it is possible for us.

Of course this would not be possible with out your help and support.
On behalf of all the children and Staff,
Thank you again, for your contributions!!!!!!