Something to shere from January 2009


Casa Hogar los Angelitos began the year well. We are thankful for all who helped make the past year a great one. We give out our thanks in advance for the future help that will be provided to us. Mexican tradition celebrates January 6 as the arrival of three wise men at the birth of Jesus Christ. Tradition has it that upon their arrival, each wise man brought baby Jesus a gift; thus, the reason for a celebration on January 6. Families gather together and eat traditional, crown-shaped bread made especially for the occasion. It is a symbol of the crown placed on Jesus Christ head. They also exchange gifts, and enjoy the Mexican tradition of piñatas and candy.

Comercial Mexicana brought our children gifts, traditional bread and milk that the children enjoyed!

Happy BirthDay!!!

Happy BirthDay!!! We had many children celebrate birthdays in January and February. They were invited for lunch to Cabaña de Gaus Restaurant by child sponsors Lori and Brenda Muirhead, who sponsored the event. The children all loved the meal, shared with one another, and wanted to save food for their siblings that live at the Casa Hogar. Brenda Lepe demonstrated to be a great example for our younger children. Once the warm food was served, she helped and showed the others how to use their utensils properly. Brenda is in her third level of middle school and next year she will go on to high school. We are proud to say that she currently has a 9.8 GPA out of 10!
For our boys Uriel and Alfonso, this was a new experience; It was their first time at a restaurant. Cristian had been to a restaurant before, but not recently. The three boys did a great job using their utensils. They all were receptive and open to learning proper table manners.

After the meal came the dessert :) All the children enjoyed having cake after a nice meal. The majority of them had the intention of saving their individual pieces of cake for one of their little friends back at the Casa Hogar. Once they were told that the remaining cake was to be brought back for the other children, they went ahead and ate their pieces!

Thank you, Financiera Independencia for keeping us in your thoughts.
All through the year Financiera Independecia gathers funds for Casa Hogar los Angelitos, and in January they give us a check. When this takes place they also bring piñatas, cake and candy for our children.

3rd Annual Golf Tournament

Our teenage boys visited during the Golf Tournament. They all had a great time!

Thank you, S.S.A Mexico for sponsoring our annual Golf Tournament event.
On January 17th Casa Hogar los Angelitos A.C kicked off their annual Golf Tournament.
We received support from different individuals; among them was Bob Findley who actively sponsors two of our children, and Ambassadors Steve & Diana Stout, who are active in supporting Casa Hogar.

Benefit Dinner in Manzanillo
For the past 11 years Casa Hogar los Angelitos has hosted an Open House & Benefit Dinner. This year the event was held at the Grand Pavilion in Valle de las Garzas, Manzanillo Colima Mexico. The children held a spectacular presentation event of Pre-Hispanic and traditional Mexican dances. Janice Morgan was the chair person of the event and she did a great job putting together the event. She worked in coordination with a large group of wonderful people who donated their time before and after the event. It was a success because of their efforts.

OPEN HOUSE We appreciate all who participated as sponsors for our annual Manzanillo Open House. Tours were given to visitors, the children danced, and the teenage girls celebrated their quinceañeras in the company of their friends and the family they have who could spend time with them.Before the children performed the staff was presented to the spectators. The majority of the staff has worked with the project for more then a year. It was done as a form of appreciation for the excellent job they are doing with the children!

Many commented on how well the children performed and how it was a highlight of their evening.We strongly appreciate all the support given to the Casa Hogar los Angelitos project!

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