We initiated our Art Class this month with 14 of our childrens in attendence.
Architect Manuel Medina is donating his time as the Art Instructor.
He is doing such a great job!
Happy Birthday!
Alfonso Alvarado
Jose Gutierrez
Sra. Lilia

Why do we need Casas Hogares?
Edith Aida Sanchez Murguia

I was eating a few days ago with my friend Nancy Nystrom, whom I hold in very high esteem and with whom I have had a very intimate bond and friendship since 1997. She said to me, “Amiga, why don’t you talk about why we need Casas Hogares?” an unusual subject for us, perhaps, but one that concerns her tremendously, as she is at the forefront of Casa de los Angelitos here in Manzanillo. She has been an altruistic person, giving her time and the very best of herself to support kids from families with a range of problems that hurt their children preferentially. I promised her I would, and, well, a promise is a commitment, so today I am making good on it. A Casa Hogar shouldn’t be just another house that takes in abused, abandoned or orphaned children only to submit them to a series of norms that place limits around their behavior. The children in casas hogares should receive the attention that they lost, so that they may live in a balanced environment, effusive on the emotional level, that they may feel the joy of being alive, that they may do things with enthusiasm and enjoy the security of a home, so that later on, they might have constructive relationships with others, be successful in school and at work, be productive and have the capacity to adapt to changes. Simply put: THAT THEY MAY BE HAPPY. To achieve that a child lives in an authentic family environment where he or she can find understanding, attention, and maternal affection, he or she has the support of the people who care for and pay attention to each one of the children. Nobody can give what they don’t have, nor teach what they have never learned. A child who doesn’t receive love from the time he is little will have difficulty giving it when he is older. But if the environment that is found in a Casa Hogar is one of love, attention, care, preparation, they will achieve the majority of the goals for which Casas Hogares were created. The Casa Hogar should give a child that arrives there, first of all, self confidence. A child that has abilities will be able to face any test and will be capable of overcoming any of life’s crises. Children in casas hogares, through individualized attention, will discover and stimulate their talents. A child that triumphs in an activity will build self-esteem and will be capable of solving problems. The children that arrive at these homes should form, from the moment that they arrive, a consciousness of respect for the law, respect for the rights of others, respect for the truth. Guided by this concept, they will discover other virtues like honor, loyalty and worth, which are the same virtues that will help them develop their future. “If God is the powerful pilot that flies the plane on which we are all passengers, if He loves us, he guides us, let’s trust in Him, I trust in Him. There’s no reason not to be happy!” The child must know that through the darkness comes light, that every problem has a solution for those that believe that things will get better for them. That is why casas hogares are necessary, but very few of us worry about the fate of so many children that suffer abuse, rape, hunger, drug addiction. Get to know one of the casas hogares and its needs, and if you can and help, any resource is well used and they need a little of us. My respect and admiration go out to Fr. Jose Rodriguez and to my friend, Nancey Nystrom, for giving the affection and support that so many kids need. May God bless them always for that. And as always, I would like to thank you for your preference and your time, and those of you who have told me that you read my column on our web page and outside of my city, thank you very much as well and I remain at your service at: edithsanmcheareflex@hotmail.comhttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/_rm6L2BEoPiE/SbVY_DjpYdI/AAAAAAAABJc/DitKLqAzxDU/s1600-h/Imagen1.png

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